AQ-1000 Arc Quenching Device - Low Voltage

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The AQ-1000 arc quenching device extinguishes arcing faults in systems with rated voltage of below 690 V. The AQ-1000 arc quenching system is developed to limit the total arcing time to 5 ms and to minimize or even eliminate the arcing fault thermal and pressure damaging effects. In most applications this will result in a calorie/cm² energy release of less than 1. The AQ-1000 is fully reusable allowing for full system testing at site.

The AQ-1000 is utilized in conjunction with the AQ-100 arc protection system. In case of an arc fault the AQ-100 detects the fault, initiates the AQ-1000 arc quenching system and simultaneously trips the fault feeding circuit breaker(s). The AQ-1000 creates a three-phase low-impedance parallel path for fault current to flow thus extinguishing the arc fault. The total arcing time is less than 5 ms.