AQ-101DLV Arc Flash Protection - Low Voltage

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AQ-101DLV is a sophisticated microprocessor-based arc flash protection unit for arc light detection. AQ-101DLV acts as a sub-unit to AQ-110P (or, AQ-110PLV) in an AQ-100 arc protection system. It can also function as a stand-alone unit in light-only systems. AQ-101DLV is designed to minimize the damage caused by an arcing fault (arc flash) by tripping the circuit breaker that sources the fault current. The complete system self-supervision function of AQ-101DLV provides the highest level of dependability by continuously monitoring all internal system functions as well as with external connections.

Easy DIN rail installation
A wide range for the power supply (18…72 V DC or 80…265 V AC/DC)
A maximum of 12 arc light point sensors (3 point sensors per channel)
A maximum of 1 fiber loop sensor (optional)
4 trip relays
1 system failure relay
1 fast binary output
2 fast binary inputs
1 multifunction push button
Non-volatile memory
12 indication LEDs