AQ-2000 Arc Quenching Device - Medium Voltage

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AQ 2000 arc quenching system extinguishes arcing faults within 6ms of arc initiation. The AQ 100 by Arcteq is a reliable and fast acting dedicated arc protection system
providing excellent protection against arcing thermal effects by tripping the sourcing circuit breaker(s) almost instantly. When protecting against arcing fault pressure effects circuit breakers are sometimes not fast enough as the pressure wave builds up within the first 10ms of the fault.

The AQ 2000 Arc Quenching System is developed to limit the total arcing time to less than 6ms and to minimize or even eliminate the arcing fault pressure damaging effects. In most applications this will result in a calorie/cm2 energy release of less than 1.

The AQ 2000 is utilized in conjunction with the AQ 100 arc protection system. In case of an arc fault the AQ 100 detects the fault, triggers the AQ 2000 arc quenching system and
simultaneously trips the fault feeding circuit breaker(s). The AQ 2000 creates a three-phase to ground low-impedance parallel path for fault current to flow thus extinguishing the arc fault. The total arcing time is less than 6ms.