GP5000-MU-HV-AS - MegAlert Motor Guard - Motor & Generator Protection

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Automatic single motor insulation tester, input voltage 120/240 VAC 50/60 Hz, control sensing 120 VAC, Test voltage 5000 VDC, pre-alarm/alarm/lockout contact, manual test/calibrate and reset feature. INCLUDES: GP7000-5 1% switchboard meter, color coded dial, 5000 VDC scale, GP8012-U-AS remote LED four (4)/switch assembly, GP10016-15KV fuse block assembly, GP10015-15KV HV test lead Assembly.

NOTE: motors that include "Soft Start" or "Variable Frequency Drives" will REQUIRE the addition of an accessory isolation contactor and timing circuit. This is an EXTRA COST, in addition to the cost of the MOTOR Guard. These contactors are horsepower specific - please provide this information when ordering.